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SEMRUSH Review – Competitor Keyword Research, Backlink Checker, and More !

Written by Salman Sarwar

Are you doing SEO without knowing how your competitor is ranking? 

Do you want to know what keywords your competitor is targeting? 

The SEMRUSH Keyword Research Tool is perfect for you! This powerful SEO tool can analyze any website and give you the organic and PPC keywords your competitor is using. 

Our SEO blog regularly reviews SEO tools, and SEMrush is a product we’re especially interested in, as it helps both our regular readers and SEO specialists. In this SEMRUSH review, we’ll explain how SEMrush works, what makes SEMrush unique, and which types of businesses it is best for.

What is SemRush?

SEMrush is a powerful digital marketing tool that lets you discover, track, and analyze your competitors’ keywords and rankings. Once you understand how your competitors are using keywords to reach their audience, you can use that knowledge to improve your own site.

Market Research Overview
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SEMrush provides detailed keyword data that can help you understand how your competitors rank in Google and helps you identify the best keywords for your own site. 

What makes SEMRUSH unique?

SEMrush is a great tool for research, and it’s perfect for optimizing your SEO.

Studies show that the average consumer spends 66% of their time online researching products.

Researching keywords can prove to be quite a difficult task. However, SEMRUSH makes this entire process quite simple by allowing you to research keywords while showing you the statistics that can help you learn a great deal about your competitor’s keywords.

Want to compete against your competitors? SEMRUSH is an all-in-one SEO tool that lets you research keywords, get website traffic data, monitor your competitor’s backlinks, and more. SEMRUSH gives you an in-depth summary of your competitor’s SEO, including their keywords, backlinks, traffic data, and more. 

How does SEMRUSH work?

SEMRUSH gives you instant access to data on your competitors’ keywords, backlinks, top pages, domain authority, and more. You can even analyze your competitors’ mobile pages, which is especially important because Google’s mobile-first index is gradually rolling out. Our go-to SEMRUSH study is the competition analysis, which shows you how much traffic your competitors are getting and what keywords they’re ranking for. You can also manually add keywords to get even more in-depth information. 

SEMRUSH lets you search Google, Bing, and Yahoo for keywords in multiple languages. You can search for specific keywords, including long tail keywords. SEMRUSH lets you analyze your competitor’s backlinks, which allows you to determine which links are relevant, which aren’t, and which you need to clean up. 

SEMRUSH lets you see the top pages from your competitors’ websites, which includes their most visited pages. You can filter these results by country, domain authority, and even page type (e.g., organic, paid, etc.). 

You can visit Semrush through this link for more details

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SEMRUSH lets you track your competitors’ organic search traffic, their paid search traffic, and even their traffic from external websites. These metrics can help you see how well your website is ranking in search engines. You can also analyze your competitors’ organic and paid search traffic and see how they’re performing compared to you.

SEMRUSH lets you monitor your competitors’ backlinks, which helps you determine which links are relevant, which you need to clean up, and which you need to disavow. You can even filter your backlinks by domain.

Why Should You Buy SEMRUSH?

  • Easy-to-use, powerful competitor research 
  • Gives you organic and Ads keywords for any site 
  • Allows you to track and monitor your PPC Campaigns 
  • Helps improve your content 

Should you invest in the best keyword research tool? Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should consider doing so:

  1. Find the best keywords: One of the best things about using the best keyword research tool is the fact that you can quickly find keywords that are highly targeted, but at the same time, have low to medium competition. 
  2. Find low competition keywords: Instead of spending hours and days trying to come up with the best keywords, you can use the best keyword research tool. One of the best keyword research tools, SEMrush, helps you find low-competition keywords. 
  3. Find keywords with low search volume: It is often difficult to determine low competition keywords. However, one of the best keyword research tools makes it easy for you to find keywords with low search volumes. 
  4. Find keywords with high search volume: Finding keywords with high search volume is an important part of keyword research. With the best keyword research tool, you can quickly find keywords with high search volume. 
  5. Find long-tail keywords: Finding long-tail keywords is essential when it comes to finding the best keywords. With the best keyword research tool, you can easily locate keywords with long-tail. 
  6. Find questions: Most of the time, people search for answers to questions. The best keyword research tool helps you find questions that people ask. 
  7. Find keywords and phrases: The best keyword research tool helps you find keywords and phrases that

An SEO tool can help you perform keyword research. This helps you come up with the right keywords and phrases to use when optimizing your website. 

Below are some benefits of keyword research

  • It helps you come up with the right keywords: Keyword research helps you come up with the right keywords and phrases to use when optimizing your website. This makes it easy for search engines like Google and Yahoo to find and rank your website.
  • It helps you come up with ideas for your content: Keyword research helps you come up with ideas for your content. This makes it easy for you to come up with relevant content for your blog, product pages, and other pages on your website.
  • It helps you come up with keywords your competitors are using: Researching your competitors’ keywords can help you come up with keywords you can use to improve your SEO rankings. This can help you beat your competitors.
  • It can help you come up with long-tail keywords: Long-tail keywords are more specific than short-tail keywords. This means that they are searched less often but will help you drive more relevant traffic.
  • It can help you come up with keywords that your competitors are not using: Researching your competitors’ keywords gives you a chance to come up with keywords your competitors are not using. This can help you beat your competitors in rankings.
  • It helps you come up with new keywords: Sometimes coming up with keywords for your content can be difficult. Keyword research can help you come up with some new.
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Pros & Cons of SEMRUSH

  • Competitive keyword tool, SEMRush provides a wide range of data, including search volume, CPC, and difficulty. 
  • A backlink checker, with the option to filter by domain, page, and anchor text. 
  • An SEO audit tool, complete with keywords, on-page issues, and backlink data. 
  • A keyword ranking tool, with options to see top pages, long-tail keywords, and more. 
  • The ability to save custom projects, track competitors, and export data to CSV. 
  • A great user interface that’s easy to navigate. 
  • Another set of data, including competitor ads, landing pages, social media, and website. 
  • A competitive analysis tool that ranks the SEO strength of your top 10 competitors. 
  • Excellent customer support, with phone, email, and live chat
  • Performance: We compared the SEMrush Toolset to similar tools, including Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Serpstat, and 
  • Ease of use: We checked how easy SEMrush is to use compared with equal competitor products. 
  • Pricing: We compared SEMrush’s pricing with comparable products.
  • The ad-blocking functionality isn’t the best
  • Paid subscription is required for some features
  • Requires a bit more technical knowledge
  • Some features aren’t as complete as similar tools
  • You should at least be an intermediate-level SEO
  • API access is only available for enterprise-level plans
  • SERP tracking is limited to 1000 keywords


SEMrush caters to all marketing needs. It is a complete, all-in-one marketing suite. No other tool in the market provides the same coverage, which is the reason why we use it for all our projects. You can quickly check 5+ KPIs, get keywords by search, CPC, traffic volume, and more. SEMrush offers a free trial and starts at $99/month.

Go Ahead and Buy it Now or Give it a Try It’s totally Up to You

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