How to choose the domain name: Personal or Commercial Brand

Written by Salman Sarwar

This is one of the topics that I like to talk about the most, because it is a simple topic, but in my opinion it is the strongest decision you can make when creating a project on the internet, whether it is for your personal or commercial brand.

Choosing a bad domain name can cost you a lot of money, work and even headaches, especially when it comes to wanting to generate your  brand , either because people do not remember it, they cannot name it without making mistakes, all of these are big mistakes that nobody tells you, and even great people in the world of marketing only tell you it  depends on what you want , well of course everything in this world depends on what you want, or not?

With this article I wish and hopefully can help you break down those barriers of questions to unknowns that we have and turn in our heads.

I must mention that I investigated many domains, and I have even opened blog by blog of my list of followers on twitter, so that I can see their statistics, how many know them, the number of followers, trying to create a formula to help me choose and I say what my response to all this was: ONLY WE HAVE THE ANSWER.

Domain Types

You must take into account that there are many purposes with a domain, but in general they are included in my opinion in 4 types:

Company or corporate : At this point is where you want to put a website on everything your company does and sell its services.

For income : blog that talks about some topic, technology, news, software reviews, programming, digital marketing, video games, but with a purpose “Generate money”, either based on affiliations, advertising with banners, products, etc.

Personal : So you can talk about what you want or the one you like the most, trips, crazy things, video games, but without a lucrative purpose.

Personal Professional Services : To sell your services in which you develop professionally.

From this you must ask yourself the first question:


Tips for any Domain

Well, first of all I will give you some advice to take into account for any domain of what you want, without thinking about what it is used for, this is essential.

#1 –  Do not add hyphen “-“. The problem you will run into with having it is that people tend to forget this script and write everything down, and this can cause them to go somewhere else without them noticing. (unless you buy the non-hyphenated domain as well, but then why do you want the hyphenated one?)

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#2 –  Do not add numbers, this complicates naming your web page, and sometimes when naming it it is difficult to mention it in a row, because you will have to say it: my domain name is jorge4ever.com, you would say my domain is jorge cuatro ever.com , but you point out again that it’s a 4, which totally kills the person’s memory, unless your domain is something like 99designs.com, which is an easy number and designs is a very common word.

#3 –  Choose short names when it is an invented name, recommended no more than 10 characters, although it is already very difficult to find a name with so few characters, but try to base yourself on this amount, so that your brand can be recorded and if they return it Let’s see, they can remember you and associate with her.

#4 –  Find out if your domain name is available in the “.com” extension or in the locality extension, example: “.mx”, “.es” depending on the country where you live or where you want to position yourself. Here I must open a parenthesis because many tend to mention that if a .com is not available, choose a .net and .org domain, but in my opinion it is NOT correct, they are not yet so well accepted by people, no they get used to these extensions, they prefer a local one 1000 times: .mx, .es, .ca, .us, etc. If you don’t believe me why today’s Marketers prefer to add the letter of their second last name to get a .com or mix it up,  BEWARE OF THAT .

#5 –  Use the name of your company and not use generic names that take away the prestige of your brand and will not be seen as a serious project; For example, if your company is a design company, you do not choose “logosfaciles.com”, the correct thing is that you put the name of your company. (The positive thing that you can find when putting a logosfaciles.com domain is for web positioning and recognition of what you will find in the domain, but this has advantages and disadvantages, we will see  it later)

#6 –  Choose a name that is very easy to remember, to pronounce and try to write them without asking again.

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#7 –  Make sure that all available domain extensions are available .com, .net, .org, local (.mx, .es) and if you can, buy all the domains that contain your brand, because that way you eliminate people who want misuse your brand.

#8 –  Always try to be clever with the name and try to distinguish yourself from your competition, do not use names that are already used by other companies or that contain the name of a registered brand or product, since these will be your shadows forever, example: libreoyandroid.com, todossomosandroid.com. (In addition to avoiding legal conflicts).

One piece of advice and the main one, always carry out a  survey about the name , whether it is questions in forums, with friends, family, etc. to see what the name reflects to them and to see if they can remember it without saying it several times.

Personal Name Domains

Using your name and surname have incredible advantages, this being the option that is becoming more common every day in which many professionals are positioning themselves.


The main point is that you will have the necessary approach, and you will break trust barriers by talking directly with the author, and you will have a closer conversation like that of a friend.

You will be able to push any commercial or corporate brand domain, which I mean, that by already having confidence in you they will be able to

Expired Domains

You can  search for expired domain names , these can help you a lot, due to the age of the domain and its authority, perhaps with luck you will even have your visits, although here you must be careful, because you must follow certain tips so that you do not acquire a spammed or penalized one by google.

Tools to create a Domain Name

Finally, I will give you a couple of tools that will be very useful for you to increase your creativity and be able to choose an excellent domain name for your company or for your personal blog.

Domain Name Generator: Generates domain names randomly and with a certain list.

Domainsbot.com: It does the same as the previous one.

In the event that an expired domain is purchased, always check that it is not on a  spam list.

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