How to check if your domain is on a SPAM blacklist

Written by Salman Sarwar

There are times when we want to buy a domain and we want to know if it has been marked by a blacklist (Anti-Spam) that is blocking or banning us, this is a very common problem in expired domains since sometimes the administrators leave those domains for some reason, and regularly it is for this, I could say that 60% or perhaps 70% of all of them, is for this reason and for being banned in Adsense or penalized by some google algorithm.

Some reason why we appear on these lists is due to saturation of emails (SPAM), this causes users to send you to the spam list, which in turn notifies the provider company of the saturation or the sending of false emails. , prohibited or disliked by the same users.

Another of them is that many hosting companies send emails from the same email accounts of the clients, to better enhance their advertising reach, this is common in cheap hosting providers that do not have prestige, that is why it is always advisable to hire hosting with reliable companies that have good reviews from users.

For all this, I will leave you a list of tools with which you can analyze a domain. In the same utilities of the tools, you will also find many other tools to analyze domains, I recommend that you give an overview of each site and thus be able to take advantage of all the available tools.

List of tools

  • What is my IP address
  • blacklistmaster
  • EmailTools
  • MXtoolbox
  • iPVoid
  • DNS watch
  • Multirbl
  • MXLookupTool
  • blacklistalert
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In the next article I will explain everything you should check before buying an expired domain so you don’t regret your purchase or get the surprise that your other sites are penalizing you.

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